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Thank you for checking out my website. I also have a Facebook page, Susi Gregg Fowler, Writer. My husband (and frequent illustrator) Jim Fowler has a website, too. Jimfowler.us 


I tend to write about connections - friends, family, animals, nature. While much of my work isn't specific to Alaska, the fact that I have lived most of my life here in Juneau, close to the natural world, informs my perspective on life. The rhythms of nature, changes in seasons, the weather, and relationships, are frequent themes in my books for children as well as my essays and poetry. 


WE HAVE A NEW BOOK!! Little Bigfoot (Sasquatch Books) has just released Who Lives Near A Glacier? Alaska Animals in the Wild. 

Vibrant full color illustrations accompany a collection of verse introducing a few of the many creatures found near some of our Alaska glaciers, along with brief text about each and about glaciers themselves.  We hope you'll take a look!



Here's the cover of the new book with Juneau's Mendenhall Glacier in the background.
The glacier in this image is the Samuel Glacier in British Columbia.