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Writing and Courage

Some of own picture books
For three years or so (2007-2009?) I was part of an online picture book writing group, an outgrowth of a children’s “listserv” that still serves up occasional messages from members. The “Friday Ideas Group” was the brainchild of Darcy Pattison. Each Friday we selected a prompt, derived from various sources, to generate picture  Read More 
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Broadsides: Juneau Poets and Artists

Jim Fowler's image with my poem
I’m delighted to be part of the Broadsides exhibit at KTOO, opening in Juneau on May 6. These are Juneau poets and artists collaborating—from kids to seniors, from well known artists and writers to amazing new exhibitors. Such richness—and it’s part of why I love this place. Thanks to KTOO, our  Read More 
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