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I'll See You When the Moon Is Full
Illustrated by Jim Fowler

People often say, "Why don't you write a story about such-and-such?" Maybe some writers are good at taking an external idea and running with it, but I'm not one of them. Somehow a story needs to "come" to me -- insistently pushing away all the other ideas (and distractions) until I begin writing.


Early in my writing career, a friend suggested that I write a book about a father travelling frequently, as her husband did. I thought it was a great idea, but no story ever came to me. Years later, when her boys were past the picture book age, I began thinking about waiting for something until "the moon is full." Waiting for what? Someone to come home. And that was the beginning of "I'll See You When the Moon Is Full." When I finished the first draft I thought, "Why couldn't this have happened when Nancy first asked for a book like this?" But that's not the way stories happen for me.


In 1995, my husband Jim (the illustrator) and I both won Christopher Awards for the book, an award that really meant a lot to both of us. The Christopher Medal is awarded to works which affirm "the highest values of the human spirit."


Out of print.