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'Tis a Gift To Be Wrinkled

I love how my granddaughter sees me!
‘Tis A Gift To Be Wrinkled (sung to ‘Tis a Gift To Be Simple’) ‘Tis a gift to be wrinkled. ‘Tis a gift to be old. ‘Tis a gift to honor all we’ve had to hold. The joys, griefs and struggles have etched into our skin, and they give us a map of the places we’ve been. ….Susi Gregg Fowler I wrote these lines many years (and a few wrinkles) ago, sending it to two good friends on March 18, 1999, or so my email printout tells me. The message accompanying the lines includes the comment, “The crone in me barking to get out, I guess!” Around the time this old message and “Gift” showed up in my files, my ten-year old granddaughter did a portrait of me, complete with the etchings that have worked themselves into my skin. As I stop and reflect, I observe that the crone in me is in strong voice these days and that my song of seventeen years ago resonates more than ever. My days are filled with writing projects, dog walks, family time, and travel. I am ever grateful for the “map of the places I’ve been” and for the reminder that life and good work and dear family and friends are true gifts, and a few wrinkles are a small price to pay.
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