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Message Received

After my dad’s death, just under two years ago, we were packing up his things, and I came across a book I’d given him two years before--QUIET MIND by David Kundtz.. It’s a small book of simple meditations. I opened the book and saw my note to him—“To Dad, Father's Day, 2013 – Susi.” Daddy liked having a way to remember where gifts originated, and my siblings and I learned in the last years of his life to inscribe his gifts, those from us and those from others. It gave him pleasure, remembering who had given him a particular present. He was always so grateful, one of those people who intuitively understood the meaning of practicing gratitude. But what I had never seen until picking up this book after his death was his response to me—simply. “To Susi – Thanks – Dad.” I laughed through my tears at his note! Dad, still saying thank you. I have kept the book on my coffee table since that day. And today I opened it at random. There, on page 129, was a meditation called Flying, which began with these words from a poem by John G. Magee, Jr. “High Flight” – Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth… And touched the face of God. And that, I like to think, is just what my father did. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy.  Read More 
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'Tis a Gift To Be Wrinkled

I love how my granddaughter sees me!
‘Tis A Gift To Be Wrinkled (sung to ‘Tis a Gift To Be Simple’) ‘Tis a gift to be wrinkled. ‘Tis a gift to be old. ‘Tis a gift to honor all we’ve had to hold. The joys, griefs and struggles have etched into our skin, and they give us a map of the places we’ve been. ….Susi Gregg Fowler I wrote these lines many years (and a few wrinkles) ago, sending  Read More 
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